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Dry Goods

From Paradise Groceries in Dagenham

Shop for all your dried good under one roof, we have everything you could need from tea and coffee to cereals and canned foods. Come along to our high street store today.

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Everything you need all under one roof

From Paradise Groceries



Feeling thirsty?
We have all the beverages you could ever need. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water, sodas and much more. 
Available in a variety of brands.

Bakery goods

Feeling peckish?
We have a great selection of fresh bakery good from breads and pastries to baked treats and cakes. Available every day from our high-street store.

Olive Oil


We stock almost every oil you will ever need to help you create a culinary delight. Vegetable oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and more.

We have a range of healthy oils and flavoured oils to enhance your dish with Afro-Caribbean and African flavours.


No grocery store would be complete without a selection of tasty crisps, nuts, seeds and confectionary. 

Whether you are looking for the kids or something for yourself, we will have what you need to stop those sweet cravings.

Imported groceries

Whatever you are looking for, we will have it on our shelves and if you cannot find it, please do get in touch or let a member of staff know in our store.

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Some of our alternative products

Available in our Dagenham store

Fish meat and poultry
Turkish District Market

For all your fruit and vegetables

Great cuts and catches

Happy to hear from you

Dry Goods: Services

Paradise Groceries

Based in Dagenham

Whatever it is that you need, we are sure to stop it, however, in the unlikely event we do not have what you need, please do get in touch.
Please let a member of staff know in our store or get in touch using the details below.

Call: 020 8925 0520
Mobile: 07707 768352

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